• What We Do

    We are a supports company with a combined total experience of 30+ years within the residential, psychosocial, and disabilities sectors.


    Onboard we have a dedicated team to help people navigate NDIS and help to explain what and how to use the package effectively.


    We have extensive experience working with people with high and complex needs and working with them to build the structure and life skills they need within our settings.


    We rigorously train staff on the new technology, practices, and techniques to keep all the people we work with safe, secure and happy while learning the skills they need.


    We are highly adaptive to environments, people's needs, and goals which means we work hard to get people the resources, structure, and cultural needs they want.


    Goals... The kicking goals program we have is about the goals for the NDIS. We want people to achieve goals and not be money hungry and build the skills needed to be successful in their life.

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    ECO friendly

    Safe for the environment

    We are highly concerned about the environment and the natural disasters that are happening within Australia we will be doing our bit by:

    1.Only using biodegradable and non-toxic products for the safety of people and staff

    2.Becoming paperless

    3. We will recycle all the containers for change and this goes directly to house activities as we are teaching all people to help the environment

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    Registration Groups and Services

    We are a Registered NDIS Provider

    • Registration group name
    • Assist Personal Care/Safety: we are able to provide Personal care such as showering, toileting and helping you with daily life things.
    • Assist-Life Stage, Transition: able to help you with the transitions of life, from an accident and helping you build independence to helping with age related.
    • Assist-Personal Activities: helping with medication, Appointments and sanitary application.
    • Assist-Travel/Transport: we are able to provide transport for you, we have an 8-seater Hi-Ace Bus ready for use for groups. Our Support Staff have their own vehicles and are able to transport you.
    • Daily Tasks/Shared Living: We are able to assist with Cooking, Cleaning and general Duties around your house.
    • Development-Life Skills: we have very well trained Staff members that can help you with, budgeting, cooking, scheduling and other independent skills that you may want to learn
    • Participate Community: we run groups such as Gardening, Fishing, Macrame, and Football trips and we sponsor many Sports teams and Organisations that allow us to utilise their facilities for you.
    • Therapeutic Supports: we have an EEN, RN and a Nurse Practioner that work for Wattle Supports.
    • Specialised Disability Accommodation: Wattle Supports in the future will have a Robust house available. Coming Soon
    • Support Coordination Levels 1,2 and 3
    • Group/Centre Activities: we office Centre Based Activities, we don't change the Capital costs, so you can get more out of your plan.
    • Positive Behaviour Support Plan Data Gathering and Recommendations
    • Implementation Of Positive Behaviour and Restrictive Practice Plans
    • Early Intensive Behaviour Interventions (Plan managed only)